An Open Letter. To The Corrupt Politician, The Dishonest Businessman, The Socioeconomic Elite,

These words do not belong to one person, but rather they belong to billions of silent voices waiting for the reformation of the unjust and corrupt moral foundations in which our society is built. As we look around and we reevaluate the world and society, we gaze through the veil that was cast before our eyes, our so called modern culture, to make us heedless to the plundering of our precious Earth, OURS and not only of a selected few. From the deceptive illusion of choice in governmental elections, to the intrinsic corruption of all political structures, the endless fear propaganda instigated daily by the media, the control of currencies and national economies, the faceless bank cartels, the biased double standards of justice, the corporative dehumanization of human beings, all this is but a reflection of a growing inequality between classes that leaves a large percentage of the population in utter misery while a small fraction dwells in absurd opulence. This is wrong. As many times in ages past, this social dissonance will certainly lead to an ever-growing movement of social uprising until a correct standard of social equality is met. All tragedy we see in the world is unnecessary, hunger, crime, war, violence, it is but a manifestation of developed beings living, unaware, within the shackles of outdated social systems. All is rooted in one simple reason: human greed, and its reflection on our life - the persistent illusion of money .

We, the Human Race, through enduring efforts and ingenious resourcefulness have, throughout these past millennia and especially with the exponential development of science in the last decades, attained a point in human history where we can break free from the archaic ways of existence and social-stratification that yoked the lives and freedom of our ancestors - those based on competition, violence or slavery. Today we are free to reap the infinite gifts of collaborative scientific progress which would allow for the highest standards of quality of life ever imagined and abundance for every single human being on the planet. The miracle of a worldwide network of information which concentrates the wholeness of human knowledge in one single point of free and unlimited access from where we can build a limitless stream of knowledge and innovation, free from the restrains of space and time, is nothing short of the greatest tool that was ever invented. There are no limits to what we can achieve we put prejudice aside and start to cooperate for our common good. It is in our grasp the compass that leads the ship civilization to an enlightened port where no hunger, sickness or poverty would ever dwell, where we can embrace peaceful development and stare in awe at the diversity and uniqueness of the amazing human family and every living being that shares this beautiful blue drop amidst the endless Universe.

This is where we are meant to be.

The only barriers to an age of endless prosperity are the old, resilient concepts of greed and power so overly-valued by the socioeconomic elite that fails to see how all important things in life cannot be bought. Your insanity induces you to trade all these limitless possibilities of global happiness for stacks of paper and numbers in some computer screen. And worst of all, you strips us from the absolute beauty of life with every passing day.

Hopefully, it will all soon pass.


The total national military expenditure for the world's top 15 spenders during the year 2012 was (3.157 billion) dollars US (United States alone spent roughly 1.7 billion dollars). This would be enough money to build 6.350 Universities, 10.523 Hospitals or end world hunger 18 times over during the same period of time. It is clear from a value-creating perspective, the resources we create are not only terribly misallocated, they are set against a social, peaceful and developed society. The world needs cooperation, not competition.

The objective of the 2062movement is to call upon all the leaders of the world to sign a common document on the 21st of December 2062, endeavoring to reduce all military expenditure to zero in the time span of fifty years, by 21st of December 2112, so that all the resources that are drained and wasted on war or exploitation and speculation of war, will be put to the development of society, in education, health and technology. Why such a long-term commitment? If we analyze what reasons prevent this paradigm change from happening right now we will find that, unfortunately, the barriers lay in several fields, whether political, economic, social and even cultural. There are too many lobbies in the governments and too much money in the military budgets for such a change to happen overnight. The politicians hold the power of decision and the money holds the politicians. But if we were to give a large enough interval for this change to take place, if the decision to do this starts today, then it would not influence the establishment that is in power when the decision is made, but the establishment that will be in power at the globally agreed date, and it would be a decision that transcends the restrains of politics and economics. The society must impose its rightful will if we are to ever live in a peaceful, healthy society.

Some may disagree, but there is in truth, no other motive for a government to declare war to another nation than an intermingling of corporate and political interests that will ultimately lead to profit for a few interested parties. The production of weaponry and machinery, the unbalance of the markets, the expropriation of other country’s resources, all these factors will bring vast amounts of money for those who planted the seeds of war and while they accumulate wealth with the preparation, reality and aftermath, the costs of war, both economic and human, fall to the taxpayers and the common citizens. This is obviously not the only reason for the decrepitude of the social, economic and environmental systems that we see today, but to ensure something as simple as shifting the huge investment from something as irrational and primitive as war towards something as promising as education, such a simple gesture would very likely be a good enough solution to most problems we face in the world today.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” -Greek proverb

The main objective of 2062Movement is create enough political and social movement to take a document such as the example below (note: final document format is still underwork) is taken to political consideration in a global level. If this is the world we want to live in, then these are the directives that should be adopted by the political systems all around the world.

			Global Peace Manifesto				[Country Name],
	21 of December, 2062
Article 1
	I, the undersigned, being sound of mind and representing the will of the 
	people of the country I serve as their primary political representative, 
	hereby declare that on this day our nation has agreed and acknowledged 
	that, as members of the Human Race and common citizens of the Planet 
	Earth, we believe that the path to global and enduring happiness, peace 
	and prosperity for each and every human being, is reached through 
	cooperation, and never through competition between nations, as well as 
Article 2
	this truth, with the highest possible standards of quality of life for 
	the present and future generations in mind, we understand that all paths 
	that lead directly or indirectly to threat, fear or conflict will divert 
	the energy from creation of value and innovation and create 
	a constraint in global social development and therefore hinder this 
	ultimate goal. 
Article 3
	Therefore, I solemnly pledge that, from this day forward, 
	my country and every and all regions, provinces or states that fall 
	under its sovereignty will endeavor to cease all military actions and 
	expenditure until the date of 21 of December, 2112, meaning that all 
	personnel, equipment, land and infrastructures used previously to 
	maintain and operate the mechanism of the military will be, to the best of its 
	efficiency, allocated to the higher goals of education and cultural 
	development, to the social support of those in greater need and to 
	technological and scientific investigation focused on the improvement of 
	quality of life of the population, prevention of environmental erosion 
	and the discovery of the outer Universe.
Article 4
	The degree 
	and stages of de-militarization is to be mutual between all nations.
Article 5
	I also pledge that every nation that has not signed this document and 
	therefore intends to endure in a spirit of competition and potential 
	violence shall have all their commercial transactions embargoed and 
	political power revoked in all and every organ of international 
Article 6
	In order to discourage further military operations from such 
	countries and encourage the favor of a global peace politic, if in 
	direct contact with the political borders of such countries, this 
	country assumes the responsibility of temporarily providing the basic 
	needs for the people of such countries that wish to emigrate, whether 
	civilian or military, until this document has been signed by such 
	country and the de-armament and renunciation of war and militarization 
	has begun. 
Article 7
	I also pledge that I will provide full transparency regarding my 
	de-militarization process to any country or party of countries that has 
	signed this document and requires so.
Article 8
	As of the day of the signature this document cannot be annulled, 
	rescinded or invalidated as its cogency stands above every publication 
	made by the present or future governments.
	With Peace and Prosperity to all, for all time, the undersigned,
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